ʻŌhiʻa Productions is a non-profit, § 501(c)(3) organization founded in March of 1995 by Lisa Matsumoto and Michael Furuya to provide creative, educational and inspiring theatrical experiences to Hawaiʻi's children and families.

The Christmas Gift of Aloha

The Christmas Gift of Aloha

Story by Lisa Matsumoto, Illustrated by Michael Furuya

Merry, a newly trained Christmas Elf, falls from Santa’s sleigh and finds himself in Hawaiʻi. He is dismayed that there is no snow, reindeer, or other signs of Christmas in this strange land. With the help of Mele the Menehune, Merry soon discovers the wonders of a Hawaiian Christmas. To Merry’s surprise, the menehune children give him the best gift of all.

Lisa Matsumoto’s story and Michael Furuya’s illustrations create a delightful and heart warming holiday story capturing the true meaning of Christmas while celebrating Hawaiʻi’s spirit of Aloha.